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July 9 / Tammuz 17

Numbers 28 1-15 Difficult to understand what the significance of the different offerings would be. Joshua 12 Interesting that the text mentions ‘echad’, one, for each king, and totals them all up at the end. Could there be significance to the number thirty-one? It’s a… Read More »July 9 / Tammuz 17

July 8 / Tammuz 16

Numbers 27:6-23 I thought that Numbers 27:12-16 was quite touching. Difficult to image Moses having gone through so much and yet not speaking a word about not being able to enter the land of Israel. Joshua 11 Joshua 11:15 – the idea that Joshua is… Read More »July 8 / Tammuz 16

July 7 / Tammuz 15

Numbers 26:52-27:5 What struck me most about this aliyah was God’s pronouncement that “They shall die in the wilderness.” This seems like an incredibly harsh sentence after 40 years of wandering in the desert – was this the result of sin, as in the case… Read More »July 7 / Tammuz 15